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The story so far...

Jay Tausig

I've been playing music for as long as I can remember. It began with Drums really. And Piano.. any time there was a piano I had to play it. But Drums were where it was at for me. For obvious reasons my parents were firmly against any such thing and I ended up settling for guitar instead. Ok. Eventually I would buy a drum set and much would change but that wasn't until the year 2002.
I have been collecting instruments and studio equipment for the last 18 years and I have been releasing albums and singles as a solo artist since 1996.
I don't really consider myself to be strictly a part of any particular genre. Over the years I've played all kinds of music, but
lately things have been leaning heavily into the Space Rock / Krautrock / Psychedelic / Folk realms.
There has always been an emphasis on extended tracks.. Much of what I like to listen to is music that takes me on a journey. Bands like VDGG, Amon Duul 2, Popol Vuh, Hawkwind, Gong are all very influential to me.
I think that my primary focus has been to create challenging, innovative music that's fun to listen to without worrying too much about what people are going to call it.

These days, I tend to create things in the spacerock / krautrock / prog style, but I also have been known to do albums that just feature acoustic guitar and vocals or more "arranged" music that leans towards the early progressive stuff. 
I like the idea that music can be experienced like a movie where much of it is up the imagination of the listener. So longer, multi suite things tend to help in that regard. So I often create very long pieces of music.
I have a great love for electronic music as well, I own 20 + synthesizers, most of them vintage.
I dislike using drum machines or metronomes, but sometimes I do when it's called for...
I do not "cut and paste" my music. I like to get performances as complete as possible with actual instruments, and I usually find that first takes turn out to be the best ones.
I don't use harmonizers on my voice in the studio. Ever. But I do use them live.
I have appeared on Various tribute albums and compilations where I produced reworkings of everything from Pink Floyd, Todd Rundgren, Peter Hammill, Genesis, King Crimson, Gong, Motorhead, just to name a few.

                                                                          A detailed list will appear here soon.

I've participated in a few shows recently that were incredibly fun... here's some posters..

Here's a poster for a show that happened during the summer of 2016 that was in fact a real highlight of my musical life. A tribute show of Lemmy era Hawkwind (I was handling Brock vocals and guitars) with Alan Davey of Hawkwind, Tommy Grenas, Abby Travis and Aleph Kali.

 I also have guested on or produced albums for other artists, in 2015 mixed and mastered : Chrome "Half Machine From The Sun - The Lost Tapes" 

In March of 2017 the "Chromium Hawk Machine" project (Helios Creed, Nik Turner, Jay Tausig) will be released on Black Widow Records. More on that soon.

I have over 30 original self produced albums to my credit, all of which are going to become available here soon over the next months.

During 2016 - 2017 I found myself releasing 3 records that were entirely covers of these Artists songs: (Links coming soon).

Peter Hammill - (Excess Refraction),
The Who (Quadrophenia Revisited) ,
Nick Drake (For Warmth and Green Paper)

Collaborations / performances with members of Hawkwind, Gong, Chrome, Helios Creed, Yes, and many more.

2012-2014 I worked closely with Ed Unitsky to create the 12 cd zodiac series "The Trip Around The Sun".
I'll write more about this soon... it was a very fun, rewarding, and Challenging series of recordings with musicians and poets from around the globe.

Labels I have worked with: Fruits De Mer records, Mellow Records, Black Widow, Magna Carta, etc.
I perform regionally in California, as a drummer / vocalist (Paradox Drive) and solo.
In 2017 I'm hoping to put together a group to do some touring.. fingers crossed.

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